Tour de Argentina (First)

Cycling in Argentina

Tour de ArgentinaIf you are planning on travelling to South America, why not pay a visit to the south most country in the whole wide world. If stunning scenery and flavor adventures is what you are into, then this country will be sure not to disappoint you. From the valleys and stunning snowy mountains in Patagonia to the deserts and caves in La Quebrada de Humahuaca, exploring this country on your 2 wheel companion will help you discover Argentina in a whole different light. You can opt for going it alone or to purchase a packaged offered by specialized cycling tourism agencies. These tours will usually be in groups and will provide you with a support team to overcome any obstacles or difficulties that you may find along the way.

The tours can last anything from one, a few days to up to one whole month, given the extensive territory of the Argentina Patagonia. In most cases, there will be different stages and segments and are well suited to any moderately trained cyclist or bike aficionado with a strong sense of adventure, traveling and sharing outdoor experiences with others. The average age in participants is around 45 years. It is worth mentioning that these are definitely not competitive cycling events or crossings and those who are used to competing might probably feel uncomfortable. Expect plenty of breaks to enjoy the scenery, take pictures or make some sort of exchange with the locals.

Each trip has a daily route sheet, detailing the number of kilometers that will be spent pedaling, the slope inclination, the area of land covered as well as other variables. In case of visiting areas of high altitude, proper acclimatization is required and sometimes even a medical certificate. Before joining any of these tours it is recommended to read carefully the program and assess if you have physical condition to do it.

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