Tour de Argentina (Third)

Calchaquí Valleys. The Inca Trail

Calchaquí Valleys. The Inca TrailThis exciting tour consists of a 9 day trip. The tour goes through the provinces of Salta and Tucumán, located in the north western part of the country. The cyclists will get to go through stunning landscapes such as the Escoipe Gorge and the Bishop’s Hill, mainly through gravel, winding roads, surrounded by lots of vegetation and jungle like scenery. Also one of the most isolated paths of region is explored, considered one of the best descents in the country, in terms of scenery. The path goes through reddish, rocky formations called Los Colorados. The tour covers an approximate distance of 280 km and the difficulty level is estimated to be advanced. The cost of this package is a bit over a thousand USD. This includes round trips by minibus, transfer of the mountain bikes, insurance, accommodation in double and triple rooms in hotels and inns, support vehicles, guides with communication equipment and even a visit to a vineyard, mechanical assistance and a spare bike in case of wreckage.

From the Salt Flats to the Jungle

This route covers various destinations in the stunning, multi colored Quebrada de Humahuaca (Humahuaca Ravine), as Tilcará and other scenic points over the space of nine days and begins at the dam of Campo Alegre. A mountain road linking it to another dam, La Ciénaga, located in the northern province of Jujuy is the next stop. After moving by car to Purmamarca, the adventure begins in Salinas Grandes (biggest salt flats in the world). The approximate distance of this tour is 250 km. The difficulty level is estimated to be advanced and the cost is about a thousand USD. This includes a round trip by minibus, transfer of the mountain bikes, insurance, seven nights in lodges and hotels in double and triple rooms, mechanical assistance, granola bars during the journey; 4×4 support, permanent communication equipment, kitchen equipment etc.

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