Tour de Chile

The Chilean Fjords and Andean Lakes

Andes by Paso PehuencheThis crossing of the Andes mountain range begins at sea level and then gradually takes its bikers to one of the most enchanting lake areas of the Chilean Patagonia. On the first of the eleven days, the tour goes through the Chilean fjords, in the Pacific Ocean, then is the turn to head for the lakes and mountains, volcanoes and a circuit that includes 5 national parks. The route is very steep, with an average altitude of 800 meters at each stage. Luckily, you may use the support vehicles if you get too tired. The tour usually takes place between the months of December and January (Summer time in the Southern Hemisphere), and approximately, each tour will cover a distance of 675 km, half of which is paved. Each stage of the journey is about 80 km.

Crossing the Andes by Paso Pehuenche

From the town of Malargüe to Curico (2.4 thousand meters above sea level), this package consists of a journey of eight days which will enable you to cross the mountains on a mountain bike. The first stage is at Malargüe, toward Portezuelo del Carqueque and overlooking the Cerro Torrecillas, a high peak in the Andes, and the Castles of Pincheira. During the second stage, there is a climb to reach the highest point of the trip, at over 2800 meters. The next stage is a steep, winding decline between many hills and winding bends. The approximate distance covered is 250 km and the difficulty level is advanced. This trip takes place between January and March, when the roads are open again, after the winter’s heavy snowfalls.

The cost of the fjord package is a bit over 2 thousand USD and the other one over a thousand USD. They both include guides, support vehicles, mechanical service and a spare bike. All the meals are covered as well as accommodation in hotels and cabins.

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