Tour de France (First)

Tour de FranceEl Tour de France is a cycling multiple stage race contested throughout France, in different locations, as well as in other neighboring countries for the space of 3 weeks. El Tour de France, currently organized by the Amaury Sport Organisation, usually takes place in the month of July, usually the hottest month of the year in France. El Tour de France is also very popular in Germany, given the fact that it has passed through this country several times.

Tour de France has been held annually since the year 1903, only interrupted between the years 1915 and 1918, due to the First World War and between the years 1940 and 1946 due to World War II. Between the years 1955 and 2009, there was a tournament held for one week that served as a sort of equivalent to Tour de France but for women.

As the years passed, Tour de France gained widespread popularity all over Europe, and, eventually, all over the world. In the beginning, the competition was limited to French nationals, although sometimes allowing competitors from neighboring countries to participate, although, gradually, due to gaining international recognition, more and more cyclists from around the globe began signing up for the contest. Today, Tour de France is the most prestigious cycling event in the whole wide world, and a part of the UCI World Tour event.

The route can change and vary each year, although its format remains basically the same. A few of the spots through which the competitors pass each year are, for example, the mountain chains of the Pyrenees, the Alps, and, typically, the finish line is the Champs Élysées (Paris). The current Tour de France layout covers 3.5 thousand km. The teams usually range between 20 and 22, each of which comprise of 9 cyclists.

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